Thursday, November 26, 2009

rosanne barrr


I am not sure how I feel about this. Those that know me well know my feelings about Mariah.

Rosanne Barrr 'No Means No Mariah'

I am really into Rosanne Barrr and their screaming low fi London garage (how good is their song Akira! - listen on myspace), so if we could call 'No Means No Mariah' a homage to the talents of our number one American pop goddess then I would feel much better about the whole thing.

RBarrr Dumb Broad album is out now on Hex Out Tapes but on the band's myspace their label is listed as Geffen so they might have something out on Interscope in the not too distant future. Interscope (Universal) intially feels like a weird fit... but it if means they can hook up with label-mate Mariah for a collab at some point then that would be aaaaaaaamazing.

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