Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm not your fantasty girl


"Been away so long you love me only in your dreams..."

I've been a fan of this lady for a while. Here, I love how she loops her vocals back and over the top of each other to create her own 'man-made' backing track. It's not easy to create something so engaging with vocals, bass guitar and a drum. 4AD described her as blending "coarse folk ingenuity with the bold pop sensibility of an R&B siren" which is wonderfully appropriate (and super surprising as it's unusual for a label to accurately describe something on their own roster without sounding all smoke and mirrors.)

This performance is the first of 4AD records new live sessions where they are taking their artists into a studio and recording the results for an exclusive vodcast series. The first was with Deerhunter last year, but it now looks like the videos will become more regular with 4AD making a more official thing of it. Watch the video of Real Live Flesh above for a taste, and check out the full session (all 30 mins) here.

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