Friday, July 17, 2009

washed out


Washed Out sounds like he belongs on Sincerely Yours after spending sun-drenched days wandering the streets of Goteborg Sweden gathering inspiration for the impending endless days of darkness spent crouched over a computer in a studio at the back of his parent's house in some backward, quaint town.

His songs also sound like they belong in an 80s teen romance starring Andrew McCarthy, when Andrew is thinking about how he has almost missed his chance to tell his love interest how he really feels about her, and runs to the bus stop where she waits to be taken to college in a far-away state to confess his love.

'Get Up' Washed Out

Hear more at npip and at his Myspace

Dreamy goodness that is gentle enough to warm souls, but not sickly sweet. And thankfully no steel drum, which most of the producers of this ilk seem to be fascinated with at the moment.

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