Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the scare

How times have changed

'No Money' film clip 2009

with NME magazine 2007

The Scare used to be a bunch of arrogant ratbags who earnt themselves a reputation for bad interviews and drunken stage performances. A few years on and a failed UK move later, they're back with their second album Oozevoodo. I approached the album with terrible prejudice, thinking I'd have one listen and throw it in the bad 70s rock rip offs pile. I was really wrong.

The Scare have really turned themselves around and written a killer sophomore album - with simple guitar melodies, anthemic chorus lines, and Sam Pearton's staccato drumming, the is album full of wonderfully catchy and uncomplicated tracks rooted in rock and roll with real pop cross over appeal. They've clearly been working hard on developing their stage show, and have matured musically and personally - when once they wanted fame and fortune without having to lift a finger, The Scare are now spending great lengths of time in the studio perfecting their sound and endlessly touring the country on various tour supports. Daniel Johns produced this album, and you can hear his influence in the delicate simplicity of the rock melodies. That sort of sound is hard to achieve, but i think they've done a pretty good job at it.

Hear more at their myspace - the album is out August 7

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