Monday, July 6, 2009

dappled cities


Dappled Cities are a band who deserve to be much more famous that they are. They write grand pop songs and are consistent, well versed performers. This, coupled with them being really nice guys, makes me wish more people overseas knew about their albums.

They're spent the past 6 or so months recording their third album Zounds, and also singing to kids about instruments for Disney (which is just the best, cutest, catchiest project in forever). To launch Zounds they've asked 12 Aussie artists to create an artwork to match the mood of each of the 12 album tracks. They won't say exactly which artists were chosen for the project, but it is being unveiled next week so I'll take some pictures at the launch and post them here for you. The artwork is for sale with all profits are going to the artists involved.

'The Price' is the first single from Zounds and the band released a video last week

The Price - Dappled Cities

Dools is a big fan

See them at Splendour In The Grass and then on the road throughout August and September. Details and tickets here

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