Friday, January 29, 2010

when I break I break

I love Nina Nicki but after this I LOVE Nina Nicki!

(I always call her Nina! Why?! Urgh. Probably because I am a white, Australian Jewish girl who mostly listens to obscure indie records. I didn't even realise that I'd written Nina until someone emailed me about it (Thank you, Ben xx))

Mariah doesn't even need to try anymore. A few high notes, a tight dress and a tongue-in-cheek video and she's in business. Sure it's no Fantasy, but she gives us red lips, tight hips and a heap of cheek to make up for the missing roller skates.

And you know what. There are a few boys I know who I'd like to have made a video like this for...


Emily said...

so happy mariah has made an appearance on your blog mic! who woulda thought that she could still pull off a naught nurse uniform?! x

Michaella said...

Me! I knew she had it in her! Watch out for the snoop post next week em