Wednesday, January 27, 2010

grass canyon


Just as I am telling myself I should go to sleep, this starts playing on my iTunes. I'd forgotten all about it. Drift off. Good nights with spaced dreams.

Grass Canyon haven't released anything for a while, not since their three-cassette compilation, but do have some shows coming up in Chicago and Detroit if you check their myspace

If you like the above drifter, you can download a portion of Shakra from Don't Die Wondering and stream 'Great Lakes' from If you seek... here


Nick George said...

Thanks for the write up, just now found it on a google. FYI I have released a lot of music since the three-cassette box, I do a horrible job of self-promotion and really just focus on live shows. If anyone is interested in hearing new Grass Canyon sounds, email me at and we can arrange something. THANKS AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

hey this is nick of grass canyon... i've released many things since this. i just do a horrible job of letting people know about new music.

you can email me at for more info if you are interested.