Saturday, January 16, 2010

playing favourites

I hate logging in to youtube just so I can listen to songs, but sometimes it is all that is available. Same goes with Myspace.

Mid this week a big parcel of records arrived from across the water which included Fergus & Geronimo from Pure Groove. 60s pop inspired low fi. Is that all I am listening to at the moment? I came to these guys late. I was looking on the sxsw line up a month or so ago and realised I knew their name but couldn't recall their sound. A quick www search later and voila - a 7" ordered, and some mp3s downloaded to jive around my room to in the meantime.

Buy the 7" for the above single here and grab details for their other releases (including the latest Woodsist 7" and Tic Tac Totally release) here.

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