Tuesday, January 26, 2010

veronica falls

Veronica Falls 'Beachy Head'

What do four Londoner's know about beachy heads? Does the water at Brighton give you sandy, full bodied locks the same way it does at Bondi? Does the slapping water against the sand wash away soft footprints in the same way? Raging seas, passing waves and riptides dragging you further and further out. Sounds far too menacing for an Australian coastline.

This song is so simple. A great pop tune that will stay in your head for hours. I love the "aahhs" that introduce the vocal line and then continue to the harmonised chorus. Transparent and GvB blogged a song by Veronica Falls last year called Found Love In A Graveyard. While I didnt dislike it, I didn't love it. Despite that, I went to the Veronica Falls myspace yesterday to see if they had any new stuff online and listened to Beachy Head. Today is Australia day and because Australia is basically one large beach this song seems wonderfully appropriate. Well, aside from the depressing lyrics. I also just got home from the beach, which made me want to listen to this song, which in turn made me want to post it online for others to enjoy. Happy Australia/Beach Day!


Anonymous said...

beachy head is a famous suicide spot on the south coast of england. just so you know.

Michaella said...

Oh really? That makes so much sense - really puts those lyrics in context! Thanks for the tip