Tuesday, June 10, 2008

peggy sue and the pirates

"I'm in love with Louis Lane, and she doesn't even know my real name"

'Superman' by peggy sue and the pirates is the cutest song I've heard in a long while. The duo is Rosa Rex and Katy Klaw, both from Brighton, who formed when Katy was offered a gig in 2006 and Rosa said she'd keep her company on stage.

If you haven't yet heard it you can download 'Superman' from their Myspace. (And if you're feeling particularly lazy today, here's a direct link: 'Superman' Zshare )

Their most recent release, 'Television', is downloadable from iTunes along with another single called 'The New Song.' Both have been available since November, and in between now and then the girls have kept themselves busy with limited edition EP releases (as their Myspace explains.)

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