Monday, June 16, 2008

8 Bits

I was gonna write about this guy a while ago, then I forgot, but now I've been reminded (thanks Mad Decent!)

Fabric night promoter and Amiga devote Boy 8 Bit recently released his debut E.P. The Suspense Is Killing Me. You can (read: should) buy it through iTunes, Turntable Lab and a heap of other online stores. It's not yet available on vinyl, but I've been told that option isn't too far off if you're a mad keen collector.

He's just made a mix - with Dan Le Sac, (newly retired) MIA, Ladyhawke, Crookers blah blah - and has posted a new free track at Mad Decent! Head here for the goods.

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alex said...

While on the topic of 8-bit, have you heard The Deprecation Guild? They use a modded NES as one of their main instruments...