Thursday, June 11, 2009


Recorded to tape in 1965 as Andrew Oldham and the Stones lounge beside on couches. Or so it sounds.

'Bride of the Spirits' Twinsistermoon Mp3 [z share]

I really love to discover artists who've been releasing material for years - I like playing catchups with their back catalogue. My current fascination is Natural Snow Buildings' Mehdi Ameziane - a Frenchman performing magestic hippy folk belonging to another world in another time.

The unfortunate thing about finding him late though, is that the Dull Knife 7" and the album (a micropressing with a silkscreened chipboard sleeve and art booklet limited to 100 copies) are both sold out.

Hear more similar sounds at the Natural Snow Buildings myspace, and Ameziane also has this


Shaun Prescott said...
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Shaun Prescott said...

Hey, found your blog through Rosequartz.

Twinsistermoon is great, reminds me of all those old 'lost' folk singers like Sibylle Baier, Linda Perhacs etc. Just a lot rougher production wise.

A split release between her, Isengard (the other half of NSB) and NSB is still available from Students of Decay. There's an albums worth of TSM material on it - definitely my favourite of her songs.