Thursday, June 18, 2009

party time!

Oh dear I sound so serious (and mean) in that last post!

Let's lift the mood!!

Bradford Cox solo tomorrow at Black & Blue. Early show - 6:00 start no supports - $15 (door sales only) and all proceeds go to FBi's current fundraising campaign.


My gorgeous friend Kevina is having an exhibition at Black & Blue at the moment. After the launch last week the show wraps up this Sunday, so you can check it out on tomorrow night and then go back for a better look before the weekend is out. She's wonderfully talented and has spent the last three months knitting, weaving, braiding, knotting, drawing, painting, carving, machine sewing and hand sewing.


Soph said...

Mean - oh come on! I think y're practically a saint - besides, your honesty is draws people to you. (NTS, must stop reading astrologers). I still remember a wonderful very early post of yours about a gap between Life and online life - though I'm as guilty as the next person of often thinking they're the same. Think you wrote about a kind of intimacy that can elude us in this world. Either that or I was projecting. Anyway, I love GG and the tone of GG, the enthusiasm of GG, the love in GG, and you can break from it for some passionate denunciation anytime you want!

Michaella said...

Sophie! Thank you so much

Blogging is such a strange medium - the personal made public - and I am so glad you feel somewhat connected to GG and you enjoy the blog.

I go through stages with it - sometimes I don't have the time to write, and at the moment I am hating my layout. I am super jealous of my friends Rosequartz and their wonderfully realised aesthetic... but my flatmate said she'd design me something a little snazzier. I am not very good with html and that sort of stuff. She actually designed the RQ site. Mine will be prettier though, she promised!

Anyway. Thanks for reading. And for the kind words - I always second guess myself when I write something negative ("why write something negative, when you could just write nothing at all?")

Let me know what you think of my new GG look... when we eventually get around to making it!

x Michaella