Wednesday, June 24, 2009

radge's winter tale

My friend Radge just finished the last in his seasons series: winter

I saw Radge on the weekend at our friend Elke's birthday dinner after a long period of not spending time together. I had the flu and felt terrible, but was trying hard to be 'social' - my will wasn't nearly strong enough though, and after sinking into elke's couch post dinner and pre party Kevina told me to go home to bed, which I did. The reason I've not seen Radge in a while is because I've been working heaps and going to see bands, and he's been working heaps and going to see DJs. He also likes hanging out with people who are all fashion and cool, which isnt really my scene.

But it was really nice to see him. Which I was reminded of today when he announced his new mix was ready.

A collection of downtempo and at times melencholic electronica peppered with old classics, electric guitar and some wondeful gentle melodies. Prefectly curated for cooking soups and sitting with friends, or for long walks on cold mornings.

a winters tale - radge mixtape mp3 download [direct link]

Now I have to go get my chestnuts out of the oven.

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Carles... Is that you?