Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All I need is someone to take me home


One of the guys from Veronica Falls (I posted their track 'Beachy Head' a while back) is in a new band called The Proper Ornaments. Yesterday I was checking in with Make A Mess (who release Grass Widow who I love) and they had posted news of a Proper Ornaments release on their website. Then today, the Vice blog posted two songs by the duo.

While reminiscent of the smooth melodic pop of the Flying Nun label in the early 80s (think bands like The Clean) their sound also pays homage to the low fi pop of the 90s currently being revived by so many. It's just the early stages, but it does sound promising. Their song 'Home' is very sweet - A short simple pop track with sugary lyrics. Everyone wants someone to take them home and make them smile. Come on baby darling.

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