Monday, March 9, 2009


In January Wildildlife re-released their hand-made CD-R Peas Feast on pressed on yellow wax vinyl through Crucial Blast (USA), in a limited edition of 1,000 copies. If you but the vinyl you also get a digital downloads of all the tracks from Peas Feast as well as a digital-only EP. of unreleased material called Drongolet Demos.

I don't often love these sort of noise bands, but Wildildlife contast their heavier metal moments with psychedelic veberb and echoing freak-out vocals (which I always love) and while it's confusing at first, the more I hear the more I like.

They sound stoned (which is fitting considering their San Fransisco roots) and it's not easy listening, but it's a great trip into the oft uncharted territories of druggy shoegaze metal music.

Did they just invent a genre?!

Listen to their stuff at their Myspace, marvel at the penis chandellier background, and buy their records here at insound.

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