Friday, March 27, 2009


If you love Passion Pit, I think you'll enjoy this. The lead singer has a shouty twang quite similar to PP's Michael Angelakos and the echoing, swirling electronic melody punched out an old synth has the same post-punk feel of PP's Chunk Of Change E.P.

'Future Days (getting high)' Society Mp3 [z share]

It's not extraordinary but it really suits an uninspiring drizzly Friday mid-morning when you're looking towards an exciting Friday night.

The London duo released their debut E.P digitally and on vinyl (limited pressing) through Asphalt Duchess yesterday. If you like what you hear, please support them and grab a copy via the Asphalt Duchess online store.

If you're in Sydney and have no plans tonight, Midnight Juggernauts' Siberia Records are hosting a party. I don't know where else you'll see M83 for $5, so print a copy of this flier and come down to dance.

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