Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wolfy Vs Projections Vs Invisible Conga People Vs Mi Ami

Sorry for taking so long, life has been busy. I am currently busier than I have ever been before. Which is really great, I'm occupying myself with engaging and challenging things and working with wonderful people... I just said "yes" to one (or three) too many things. Nonetheless, Hi! I missed you! I've thought about Grey Gardens often the past week! I've been continuously logging things thinking to myself "Oh! Mustn't forget to post this on Grey Gardens I love it" and then, predictably, forgetting...

Wolfy is DJ Simon James, and Projections is James' project with Dan (D-Hastie) from Breakestra, and together they recently released The Astral Project Of Starlight LP through Permanent Vacation (and just while on the subject - if you haven't yet heard it please go to the website and stream the Hercules And Love Affair remix of 'Falls' by Bostro Pesopeo. Amazing!)

The Astral Project of Starlight is full of lovely funky dub disco moments but can be a little lounge-bar at times, which is why I was blown away by this remix, which smooths it out so nicely.

Wolfy Vs Projections 'Return Of Starlight' Invisible Conga People remix Mp3 [z share]

Huge thanks to (awing, intimidating, outstanding) 20jazzfunkgreats for bringing this remix to my attention. I'd heard the 12" and enjoyed it, but this remix is sublime.

And, funnily enough, I'd been wondering about Invisible Conga People, as the past six months they'd been very quiet. This remix makes me think they're preparing some new material of their own. Or maybe it was just a favour for a friend? I hope they're gearing up for some new stuff, as 'Cable Dazed' is my favourite tracks of this year. Their Myspace does say "new tracks 2009" but should I believe that?

'Cable Dazed' Invisible Conga People Mp3 [z share]

While talking favourites, I was super excited to read last week that Mi Ami are releasing their debut album February 17! After months of silence, they remixed 'Devils Trident' by Telepathy, so I started poking around to see what I could uncover.

The album will be titled Watersports, first single 'Echonoecho' is due out January 27, then they're playing shows all over the US and in London - go see them for me if you live in America or London and buy me a 12" as a belated Hanukkah present.

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