Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Twin Lion

Last month Twin Lion (aka Californian Tyler Haran) released Awesome Power through Family Time but the cassettes were only shipped last week. In the vein of Wavves' debut, the recent Vivian Girls and Women self-titled albums and Abe Vigoda's Skeleton, Twin Lion merges garage beats with the romantic electronic reverb of 70s psychedelia. It is a sound that is so popular now - sun-drenched pop melodies (focused for the most part on catchy and simple repeated guitar lines) layered in hazy electronica and synth drones.

'Vacation part 2' Twin Lion Mp3 [z share]

It makes me want to take a vacation. I was in New York and Egypt for the majority of Sydney's summer and missed the beach picnics and back-yard bbqs. Maybe I could jump on a plane and visit LA? The Miami Music conference was last week and I did consider going to that. I think i'll wait and go to LA in June or July, when it's coldest in Australia. I say coldest, but Sydney's winter temperatures are still around 10 degrees Celcius during the day, at the lowest. Cold is pretty relative though, isn't it. I was hoping for a colder-than-normal winter so I could wear the wool coat I bought in New York, I doutb it'll be cold enough to pull from the wardrobe though. Speaking of clothes, I really love these shoes - Lagerfeld has teamed up with Repetto for their next season. I'd like the black flats.

I listened to the Sharam's 'She Came Along' featuring Kid Cudi today. I enjoyed it.

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Those are nice lamps.